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About Cecilia Guerra, Esq.

Cecilia Guerra Esq

Cecilia Guerra is a powerhouse lawyer with a magnetic personality. She has acquired extensive practice experience in several jurisdictions, primarily in relation to corporate and commercial matters. She has spent a combined 15+ years as in-house counsel and has consulted to countless C-Suite executives and celebrities on million-dollar transactions. She is known as a relationship builder recognized for aligning owner and operator interests to amass profits, stabilize values, strengthen brands, and empower high-performance teams with an impressive revenue-driving record.


Cecilia has provided counsel to multinational corporationsin the following areas: e-commerce and commercial transactions, contracts, intellectual property, investigations, compliance, human resources management, aviation, international trade, certain areas of immigration law, data privacy, cybersecurity, and litigation.

In her career, Cecilia has built two strong scalable legal departments from the ground up, analyzed and drafted over 7K+ contracts, won $30M+ in negotiations, and oversaw compliance practices for 300+ employees. She has a strong track record of revitalizing and strengthening foundations and driving operational excellence.

She is tenacious in investigating her clients’ cases and creative in her development of strategies which are carefully designed to protect their business interests. Her linguistic skills, background and experience affords her a broad perspective and an ability to work effectively within multicultural environments.


With a focus on federal laws, she is a member of U.S. Immigration Court and U.S. Court of International Trade (NY), the Hispanic National Bar Association, the Georgia Bar Association and is currently Vice Chair of the American Bar Association's International Trade Committe - Rule of Law Section (2023-2024). She is also President of the Affiliated Lawyers for the Americas (“ALTA”). She enjoys international travel, history, fashion, cars, animals, and lazy Sundays at the beach.


A visionary and calculated risk taker, Cecilia  subscribes to the mantras “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” (Abraham Lincoln);  “To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.” (Bruce Lee); and “Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?” (Jimmy Johnson).


Dear Cecilia Guerra Esq.:


As a producer and creator, I will never forget my arduous search for an attorney that could help me form my first LLC. Lacking money or any resources to pay fees, there was a lot of rejection involved in what was a long and tiring process, but after many hours parsing through several names in all sorts of platforms, I eventually had the great luck and privilege to meet you.

Your personal connection and passion for our project was evident from the moment in which I first introduced it to you. You immediately agreed to work with us and help us throughout this long journey, and we couldn’t have imagined that we would be able to work with such a consummate professional, not to mention such a great person. Your expertise on matters such as copyright law, contracting, LLCs, and all the knowledge you were generous enough to share with us from your time in the music industry was perfect for us, and we’re sure it will prove an invaluable asset for any future clients in the film industry.

You have been vital to the growth of our company and we hope that the time will soon come when we can repay you generously for your ample efforts on our behalf.




Joel Quinones

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